Royale High is a game on roblox that many people enjoy, it has even won Bloxy Awards due to it! It's main features is it's millions of customization items that makes you go on millions of shopping sprees just to get. Another big part of it is it's many places to roleplay. From the main campus to Earth to Fantastia Getaway Resort to Sunset Island, there are many places for you to roleplay. It's so good in fact that people make fan series in the game! But wait a minute, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE WIKI FOR THAT?!

This is why this wiki is here in the first place! We're here for you to post YOUR series right here! This wiki accepts all types of series for all types of ages, and there's no limit for how many you can put on here! Start out with a few paragraphs, add templates, and add links to more pages to get a good start for you fanon! Series, Specials and Movies are all accepted here, so do not be shy!

Now if you excuse me, I better go catch up on all of these series here! Cause there's so many out there! Bye! :D

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