Lovely♥️Hearts Precure is a Pretty Cure & Royale High fan series created by AniEsque and is the second installment to the Pretty Cure series created by them,airing alongside Best Wishes Pretty Cure!, succeeding Artsy *Precure The series main director is E. R. Yumiko (aka Sailormoonxprecurefan) while F. M. Neko (aka CureNeko1232) helps with the minor ideas of the show, though more 95% of the show is mainly run by the director herself. The series' main themes are Love, Friendship and Hearts (And some other theme but the director is too lazy to put it in this article).

Production Edit

The idea of the series first came out around the time that Artsy *Precure started. Then, about January 28th, 2022, the logo of the series came out for everyone to see.

Synopsis Edit

Amaichi Mochi was just enjoying her everyday average life. Eating cupcakes, getting good grades, watching anime and most of all, have the hugest magical girl addiction ever! One day, when a new student named Shigami Yuko joins her class, things start going crazy. She meets this weird fairy type animal called Leafu, and encourages her to become a Pretty Cure, magical and legendary warriors who fight evil. Leafu even tells her that all the bad stuff will go away when she does. Mochi, being the girl who she is, accepts the deal. I mean, who wouldn't?! But then it's when she discovers that being a Pretty Cure is not as it seems...

Characters Edit

Pretty Cures Edit

Amaichi Mochi/Cure Cupcake- A 12-year old middle school student, who was homeschooled for most of elementary school. Due to her mom overteaching her, her smartness level is above her grade level, and mostly makes 100's or above when it comes to assignments and tests. Nobody is sure on what her true personality is yet, but she is a huge magical girl fan. She is also sadly bullied in her middle school due to her love of hugs, with people thinking she has autism, which she doesn't. She also has a mega addiction to sweets, and is a master at making cupcakes. She even owns the Cupcake Club. Her alter ego is Cure Cupcake.

Shigami Yuko/Cure Kitty- A 13-year old student who just transferred into Royale High. She is a depressed girl who only gets a little happy about certain things. She is also a loner, and likes the be in calm and quiet places, only letting people like Mochi and the other cures getting close to her. She also gets bad grades most of the time, but is in tutoring with the help of Mochi to try to help her boost her grades. She even thinks she has a crush on her. Her alter ego is Cure Kitty.

Mascots Edit

Leafu- A strange animal-type fairy that appeared to Mochi during her darkest times. She is able to control people if they are wearing the Heart Earrings, which allow people to become Pretty Cure. She also always has useful things in store, like power-ups and always tries to protect the cures the best she can. Though she's only a toddler, she is quite smart for her age and can be selfish at times, even though she doesn't mean it. She ends her sentences with "leafu-"

Villains (Warui Organization) Edit

Darkanna- She is the main villain of the series. Unfortunately, she was turned into a villian due to the greater evil in the world and wishes she could be normal again.

Porneheart- She is the first from the Warui Organization to be overcome by Darkanna's powers. She is known to be bratty and selfish to the queen and doesn't go along well with the other villains. She is also shown lazy at her job, barely doing any damage to the cures and mostly let's the Shitsuren do all the work. However, when very angry, she uses her scythe and swings it hard at the cures.

Jashin- She is the second villain to be seen from the Warui Organization. She is shown to be the dark and violent one of the group, usually making fun of the cures and laughing after. She also usually likes to starts fights with the cures and fights along with the series monster. Even though she gets some criticism, she stills get better reputation with the other villains, including Darkanna.

Heikichi- She is one of the most respected out of all of the villains of the Warui Organization. She is also shown to be one of the most powerful out of the three as well. Usually she refuses to bring a Shitsuren with her cause they get in the way. She's known for her powerful action and defense she has, as she can block even powerful attacks. Darkanna respects her the most.

Zankokuna Twins- These twins are the servants of Darkanna. It is unknown of their actual names, not even Darkanna knows them. They don't usually try to go attack the cures cause they wanna be near Darkanna always to protect her from any danger. Due to this, they have strong defense powers and can feel magical energy from miles away. When they are attacking the cures, they are able to avoid their attacks for most of the time and can time when they will pull them off, making them very good servants to Darkanna.

Shitsuren- These are the monsters of this series. They are usually summoned by one of the main villain's Kokoro Orbs. They usually take place of the object or person they were summon by. Sometimes, if the Kokoro Orb in infected with one of Darkanna's spells, the monster will get a power-up of some sort.

Items Edit

Heart Earrings- These are the transformation device in the series that help the cures transform. The color of the earrings represents the cure's color. The girls need to press the earrings twice and shout "Precure, Love Me Up!". It is said that if the earrings break, the person wearing them is no longer a cure.

Feather Masks- These are the masks that the cures wear to escape large populated areas with lots of people and to keep their identities a secret. They usually take them off once the area has barely any people in it. It serves as a great disguise for them.

Cupcake Wand- It is Cure Cupcake's weapon that she used to perform her finishers and sub attacks. It is shown to be the most powerful weapon in the show, and is evolved into the Cupcake Staff later on in the show.

Heart Gun- It is Cure Kitty's weapon that she uses to perform her finishers and sub attacks. Although it look like a weird water gun at first, it is shown to be incredibly powerful against her enemies, cause of it actually being a real gun fueled with magic energy.

Locations (Divinia) Edit

Royale High- This is the school that Mochi and Yuko go to. It is a very luxurious and prestigious school that costs a lot of money to go to, some people having to offer diamonds just to go there. It offers the best education near where Mochi and Yuko live too.

Abandoned Bakery- This is the bakery that the cures go too. It used to be a very well-known bakery, but got taken down due to the owner not having enough money to pay for it all. The cures usually discuss about their missions and how to be better Pretty Cures here. It is also their secret hideout.

Divinia Mall- It is a very popular mall located in Divinia Hills. It is said to hold a variety of stores, like Sapphire and ClubManga. There is also owns one of the most popular stores, Heartstone, a jewelry store that sell the best jewels ever. It is one of the mall's best attraction for customers that they offer. It's also the most best-selling too.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first series from Toei Animation and AniEsque to have 3 sixth-ranger cures.
  • This is the first series from Toei Animation and AniEsque to feature an all girls villain team.
  • It turns out that the original version of the series was meant for Pretty Cure only, so some places and ideas had to be changed, like Hatofuru Hills Academy to Royale High and Hatofuru Hills to Divinia, etc.
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